Stunning In Silver is about capturing the reflections and perspective of those of us at the top of the bellcurve of the Baby Boom generation. We've earned the silver in our hair through years of experiences with meaningful moments great and small through surprising, sometimes difficult events. Our sheer numbers have driven trends, markets, and even industries to satisfy our real and perceived needs.

My peers and I are approaching the half way mark along this journey called life with its one-way ticket. Some of you may be saying, "Really? You're all approaching the end of your fifth decade."

Well there's a Jewish blessing frequently cited at birthdays that says, "May you live to the age of 120" - a significant goal if there ever was one. And that means we're mid-way to our destination - always a good time to pause for reflection. 

This is about sharing life stories that capture the very human response to this thing called life, and thereby gaining the great, gentle wisdom that comes from seeing our selves in the eyes of others. 

And so it begins. I hope the stories I share spark recognition, elicit stories in return, and generate a dialogue about living with purpose for the second half.