And so it begins...

It is fun to be part of America's baby boom generation, that great aging mass of people that has dictated trends and entire industries due to our perceived needs and consumer desires.  We remain the largest generation born in this country, and still make up 25 percent of the population. Yes, our preferences will determine elections for the next few cycles and we can sway entire business sectors. Multi-billion dollar health and fitness industries?  Take out pre-prepared meals, anyone?

With the youngest boomers now turning 50 and the leading edge heading towards 70, we remain committed to ensuring 50 is the new 30 and 70 is the new 40 - collapsing that twenty year span into a decade. (Math never being a strong suit for us.)

It's the pursuit of purpose, meaning - and some income - now that will drive the next chapter for most of us.  Retirement, as defined by our parents and grandparents, involving shuffleboard, cards, and interminable golf games is not what most of us are seeking.

What I see are people seeking to give back by getting teaching credentials to go back into public schools or who are volunteering to share business advice with budding entrepreneurs. And there are those pursuing more creative pursuits - new artists, new craftsmen, and yes, more writers that will emerge with expression and voices honed by experience.  

It's about aging with a goal to matter while we're here, and Stunning In Silver is about sharing the stories as well as the reflections of our generation.