How we kept time before iPhones...

How we kept time before iPhones...

Here it is the end of September, and I haven’t posted since March. How did that happen?

Dad always said that time passes faster the older we get and he was right. It makes sense in a relative sort of way, if you think about it.

When we were kids, each season that passed was a much larger percentage of our lives than now. Just think – each year that blurs by now is merely 1/61st of my life versus the 1/6th or 1/8th or 1/10th when I was a kid.

I’m also in that part of my life where busy-ness is a habit. If I’m not “doing” something – well then, I must be sick. And I rarely get sick.

So I find projects that need to be done around the house, and with a 113-year-old house, there’s always something. Or I create projects by inviting people to a dinner party, or scheduling a cook out, or planning a trip, or taking up embroidery (fact!), or.. the list goes on.

Time is precious, however – and how we spend it matters.

I have things I want to get done that get lost in busyness – and suddenly, I realize – whoa! Time is passing.

There are stories I want to share with you – we learned so much on our epic road trip at the beginning of the year about what separates us as Americans, and what holds us together.

I have a remarkable story I really want to share about finding relatives I never knew existed.

Each of these stories requires the discipline of writing, which means less busy-ness based on the habit of it all, and more focus.

And focus is the other thing that passes as quickly as time.

Wonder if I can develop new habits over time?